Nikita Kering Posts a Video She Enjoyed Making as She Requests Netizens To Follow Her on TikTok.

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Kenyan female musician, Nikita Kering have posted a video on her Instagram platform stating how much she enjoyed creating it. On the post, the talented musician requested netizens on Instagram to follow her on TikTok. Nikita who has been on the limelight since she started her music career caused controversy after posting a TikTok video she created recently.

On the video posted by Nikita, she had a number of friends over at her place. The musician took the opportunity to create a TikTok video with the friends: A video which she later shared on her Instagram platform. After posting this video on her page, she went ahead added another post.

Nikita requested her online fans who are following her on Instagram to also follow her on TikTok. Through her page, Kering shared a video dancing then added a caption telling the public to follow her. Here is the full post.

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