"It is Not a Must We Use Jubilee, We Can Make Our Own Party," Oscar Sudi Says


Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi has opened up about the alleged plans by Jubilee party to kick out the deputy president William Ruto. According to Sudi, them as Ruto allies have no problem with moving out of Jubilee party.

However, before they move out, they have to discuss how much they have invested in the party and come to a conclusion. But if they do not come to an agreement, they have their own plans.

Sudi reiterated that Jubilee party is just a paper. For them as Ruto allies, their party is William Ruto and so people should not be worried. He also added that it is not a must for them to use Jubilee party, they can make their own papers like those of Jubilee party.

According to Sudi, they are ready to move on with another party as long as they agree on their investments in Jubilee. He also said that Jubilee doesn't belong David Murathe but two parties led by William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta.

What do you think of Sudi's sentiments? Feel free to share your views about the same. Attached is a link of the video of Sudi's speech; https://youtu.be/qg25oTdDqtU

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