"I Am Going Abroad To Search For My Love Of My Life" Nyota Ndogo Spotted In An Airport


Nyota Ndogo has since been trending on social media due to her Marriage issues. She was calling out for her lover who is a white man to come back since she was desperate for Love. Well seems the singer is not ready to give up. She posted her picture on the internet claiming to go and find the love of her life abroad.

In a post she wrote,If they do not come back, you go where they are. Do not give up on your love. If they chase me, I will also tell you." Seems she was so much in love as she is doing all in her power to ensure they are back together.

However according to sources thing started going apart when the singer pranked her hubby that she was pregnant during April fool's day. The joke was misunderstood as he cut communication with her and was very angry.

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