Dp Ruto's Powerful Easter Message lights up the internet


The world is now celebrating Easter weekend from Good Friday through Monday. The christians are commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As per the christian belief, Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind.

Many christians are now celebrating this special Easter edition in social places, churches and in other worshiping places. This day is very vital to christian faith.

The world celebrates this Easter a time when Covid-19 is ravaging countries with surging positive cases and deaths. The deadly virus has caused adverse effects on social-economic status of many countries. No one country has been exempted from this virus. The world is ailing and in deep pain.

The virus has threatened human life, has destroyed world economies and families across the world. Scientists have tried to invent a vaccine to control the spread of the virus but some countries are facing hell. People are in difficult situations, losing loved ones.

The message for the Easter is that people pray for forgiveness from God and protection from the virus. The deputy president as a God fearing man has today taken to his twitter handle to send this powerful Easter message to his followers this morning.

The message has really elicited excitement from his supporters.

Below are some of the reactions of the netizens;

Christians should take this opportunity to fast and pray God to raise humankind from this devastating pandemic.

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