List Of Countries Without An Airport

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An airport is defined in the law as an area of land or water used or intending for landing or take off of aircraft.

People usually thought that all the countries in the world have airport, but actually there are countries in the world who do not have airport.

In this article am going to highlight to you, some list of countries without an airport.


Andorra has no airport but has three private heliports, one of which is a hospital helipad.


Lichtenstein has no airport, but has a heliport in the southern town of balzers. The nearest international airport are St. Gallen airport in Switzerland and Praedrich shapen airport in Germany.


Monaco has no airport but also heliport.

San Marino

San Marino has no airport, but has one heliport in Borgo Magglore and a small airfield in Toraccia with a 689 metre grass ground.

Vatican City

Vatican City has no airport, but heliport in the western corner, which is used by visiting heads and Vatican officials

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