Prediction: Sbonelo's Home Will Not Be A Happy One If He Does Not Find A Way To Make His Wives Happy

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By Inganathi Sinxo


This my opinion about how things may play out

Uzalo producers first introduced Sibonelo as a dedicated, humble and successful doctor. He however had kidney problems, and it was revealed that Gabisile had a skeleton in her closet; and Sibonelo was in fact the biological son of Nkunzi Mhlongo, not Zikhali and Nkunzi donated his kidney to his son.

We've since witnessed S'bonelo creeping towards the dark side and become a killer, car thief and a sadistic torturer.

S'bonelo has become a cunning and pathological liar who's ended up tricking Siphilile and Nonkanyiso into a polygamous marriage, with money he'd robbed from his friends.

S'bonelo got Nonkanyiso and Siphilile fighting over him instead of fighting him. These young women were both wronged by Sibonelo. They're directing their anger towards each other because they are competing for S'bonelo's attention. Each girl is competing to be S'bonelo number one and there's no true happiness in that, at all!

When a man cheats, women always direct their anger towards the other girl while the man should be the one both the woman are angry at. As a result, men use this to their advantage. They know the women will fight each other and not him

For an example, Siphilile said her lobala was R500 000 and Nonka flipped and confronted S'bonelo. This happened after Nonka told Siphilile to do laundry and claimed she was the elder wife.

If those young women don't get along in the near future, which I think won't happen any time soon, there'll be great problems and all hell will break loose.

For a polygamous marriage to work, the benefits of the wives should more or less be the same, so that they don't compare the attention each one gets from the husband. Now, if S'bonelo doesn't do this, things will go south and his two wives will grow to hate each other, and when this happens, the wives tend to plot against each other, the outcome even resulting to death... we've seen this eith Innocentia and MaNgcobo.

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