Akothee Shows Off The Beautiful Scenaries of Her Office Compound

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Akothee is a popular social media influencer and a great content creator on Instagram and YouTube channel. Akoth also does music as well as adverts for different companies that approach her for such deals. If you're a social media person , you already know that she is a married woman and a good mother of five children. Her daughters have already grown up and two sons are now living outside the country with their foreign dad. On her social media handles, Akothee posts much about families especially on matters affecting single moms that's why she's mostly refered to be the president of single moms. 

Being a top celebrity she does a lot of works and owns a palatial office where she does her businesses. So today she has shared a video of her office bragging on how cool it looks. Outside the office, you can notice the green vegetation and flowers blossoming all over the place. Everything looks amazing with a nice lawn that's covered by well tended grass. Akoth says her workplace just looks like someones home . It's the love for nature that has made her maintain the beautiful scenery in the office. 

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