Hawana Adabu, Celebrities Who Behaved Inappropriately on Live TV Interviews in Kenya

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Friday evenings are interesting moments in Kenya as most televisions usually have celebrities sections that are so entertaining. Being on a Friday evening means it marks the beginning of the weekend and most people are usually in entertainment joints or sharing drinks at home. The celebrities are no exception as they also live a normal life.

Today we look n some of the celebrities who appeared in live TV interviews high on alcohol ar deliberately misbehaved during the interview.

DK Kwenye Beat

In 2017, Gospel musician DK Kwenye Beat was hosted for an interview by Larry Madowo who was then hosting the Trend show on NTV.

DK appeared to show off his gold teeth and fake American accent. One couldn’t watch the interview past the 1st minute. Not because he had no content, but because his attitude was repulsively awful. His body language was reeking of arrogance. The way he was swinging on the interview chair was off. He took away the much-needed attention from his project by diverting it to his shenanigans. He blew off prime TV airtime just like that. He was handed what many artists dream of; to be exposed to millions who watch the Trend and yet he blew it.


In 2015, Larry Madowo hosted Nigerian musician Davido who only became so arrogant throughout the session. Apparently, what we saw on screen was only a tip of the iceberg. In his column on Daily Nation, Larry described the events leading to the unfortunate interview, and further banned the Nigerian from The Trend, forever.

 “Davido only has 20 minutes here,” one of the Nigerian musician’s handlers announced when he arrived at Nation Centre.

Only half an hour had passed, and we still had at least 40 minutes before #TheTrend could start,but he was already antsy.

Here is part of what Larry wrote;

I greeted him and introduced myself as he walked to the green room. He didn’t make eye contact.

I was not surprised. I first met Davido in Mauritius last year, when he and half a dozen other stars launched the song, ‘Africa Rising’.

To say he is pleasant to those he does not deem important to him would be an understatement.

For his grumpiness, his compatriot, Tiwa Savage, was patient and gracious with the many fans who came up to her asking to take selfies and declare their undying love.

During the interview, he was disinterested and rude, almost as if the whole thing deeply irritated him and he would rather have been elsewhere.

Granted, he had just landed from Lagos, but he flew on a private jet, not cattle class! Besides, the interview was part of NTV’s sponsorship deal with the event organiser.

The Internet erupted. Many of the people he was supposed to convince to attend his concert considered him arrogant and proud, and said they would skip his performance.

A television chat show is a performance that involves deftly balancing guests’ egos, managing time, and trying to get something meaningful out of an interviewee, a bit like walking a tightrope.

Most times you manage to pull off that delicate dance and the production team, presenter and guest are all pleased with the outcome. Sometimes it all falls apart, like it did during the Davido interview, which was equally hated by everyone involved – guest, host, producers and audience. It takes extra effort to produce something that monumentally disastrous.

 Good television relies greatly on camaraderie, even if false, that lulls viewers into thinking the people they are watching are cordial with each other, are on a first-name terms, nod when the other person speaks, thank each other, that sort of thing.

Most artistes, performers, politicians and those whose career depends on a degree of self-promotion quickly learn how to make the most of these situations. Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua is a master of the dark art of winning at being interviewed on TV.

International artistes like Akon, Alaine, Anthony Hamilton and the great Papa Wemba were all refreshingly pleasant to interview.

The first time I interviewed President Paul Kagame, he stayed behind to chat after the cameras stopped rolling, providing me with a great window into how his mind works and his drive.

Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey (a favourite of President Kagame’s by the way) was particularly gracious, listening attentively and answering with extensive insight and joie de vivre. #theTrend has played host to a long list of Davido’s compatriots like Rita Dominic, Basket Mouth, Omawumi, Yemi Alade, Flavour, IK and none left a bad taste in the mouth like the 22-year-old’s did.

… That attitude stinks and stars should get over themselves, their ego and their inflated sense of self-importance. As for Davido, he’s banned from our show for life.


In 2016, musician Prezzo was hosted by Betty Kayallo during the prime-time news at KTN. When the show went on air Betty reached out to say hi to Prezzo who instead stood up and gave Betty a rather awkward hug, that would set the stage for a very long night which saw Betty admit along the interview as one of the hardest interviews she ever did.

During the interview, Prezzo seemed absentminded and some would say drunk as he touched his face and chin looking away as Betty tried to interview him. The affluent rapper said his father would be the president if he was still alive. Prezzo who was debuting a new song ‘Mrembo’ said he had taken time off to study and would soon be called Dr Jackson Makini as he tries to continue with his father’s legacy.

When asked if single Prezzo jokingly said he was involved with Beyonce who left him for Jay Z. The interview would get even more awkward when Prezzo complemented Betty Kyalo on her dress right in the middle of the interview and occasional touching her hand leaving Betty red faced and embarrassed but she kept her cool. 

Willy Paul

In 2017, while still in the Gospel industry, during The Trend interview with Larry Madowo, Willy Paul insisted that a new song he had released ‘Digiri’ was not attacking Groove Awards, saying that he was just advising artistes not to rely on awards or educational achievements to go to heaven.

In the same interview, Willy Paul removed his socks on live TV, claiming that his socks were making him uncomfortable, but we all know that he pulled off that move so he can show off his new Gucci shoes. Talk of being a brag.

That move got him a lot of backlash from fans, with some calling it disrespectful and arrogant behavior, more so because he did during a live broadcast.

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