Two ways to easily edit pictures with your phone


We all want our pictures to come out looking good and beautiful. If you are a social media influencer, this is something you might have battled with for a long time. We want that great moment captured to come out almost perfect. It becomes more disturbing if you don't have a big phone. You begin to blame your camera's quality. Truth is, many have done more with less.

First thing you need to understand is that good editing begins with good capturing. Make sure you set your camera in a good angle. Let the light (natural or not) be on your face not behind you. That is, your source of light should be behind the camera even if another person is holding the phone.

Secondly, edit your photos to look natural and not excessively artificial. Don't make it too smooth or use too much filter.

If you are not new to photo editing you've probably heard of Snap Seed, VSCO, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Those apps are very good and available for phones but not everyone will find them easy to use. Especially when there's a need to crop the picture (in applying blur, focus, colour splash e.t.c).

Here are two simple ways anyone can edit pictures to come out exceptional. Good news is that you can use any of the two no matter the type of phone you're using.

1) Beauty Plus

This is an application available to both android and iPhone users. It has auto and manual features for precision. I was very happy when I found this app because it's easy to use and gives magical results.

2) Presets

Presets are like higher versions of filters. They are templates made by professionals that will give your pictures a certain hue once applied. See example below. Presets are sold a lot on Instagram by influencers (e.g @presetfactory and @pilotmadeleine).

Do you notice how the pictures have a special effect?

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