"No Scrap Metal Selling Until Vetting is Done" Makueni County Commissioner Says

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Speaking today from his office in Makueni,commissioner Mohammed Maalim has declared the sale of scrap metal in the said county as illegal. 

Maalim says that,those who want to continue with the scrap metal business after his order,should present themselves before the security committee to be vetted of their sources.

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Mohammad Maalim was speaking in reference to last two weeks DCI report ,whereby the standard gauge railway (SGR) was vandalised preventing the movement of the train for two hours at Kinyambu in Mtito Andei.

Whereby Michael Mbevi was later arrested with the vandalised blocks in his store,following tip off from a concerned member of public as he loaded them in a lorry for sale.

Members of the public in Makueni, have been urged to report any civilian who is operating the business to the nearest police starion.

We call upon the government also,that before they close any business to provide any alternate as many people depend on it for survival.

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