AK-47 Hidden Meaning, Its Special Features And Cost In Kenyan Shillings


An AK-47 is the world's most used firearm. An estimate of 100 million firearms of this kind is used in over 106 countries worldwide. This weapon is dated back to the year 1947 when it was invented during the second world war. Photo: Courtesy

Many people do not know the full name for the initials AK-47. The initials AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, the name of the top Russian sergeant who invented this gun. This weapon is so sophisticated that it can fire 600 rounds per minute in an automatic setting. In comparison to most military arms, this gun is ranked as one of the deadliest weapons. It has a firepower range of over 300 meters and its bullets are light making it easy for soldiers to carry it.

The bullets from this gun 7.66mm high-velocity rounds. Surgeons treating wounded people from the AK-47 bullet injuries have justified that these bullets cause big damage to the body. In Kenya, the government has equipped its defense forces with enough AK-47 firearms to protect the citizens. The unit cost of the firearm is approximately $700 which is Ksh 75,460.

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