'Everything Makes Me Miss You A Lot' Reactions After Stephen Letoo Opened Up To Jacque Maribe Today

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Stephen Letoo and Jacque Maribe worked in Citizen TV and as a matter of fact, work made them become great friends. The two were great reporters and they worked alongside other reporters like Chemtai Goin, Hassan Mugambi, Elphas Lagat among other great employees of royal media services. It reached a point when Jacque Maribe got promoted and she was working as a news anchor for Citizen TV because basically her work was recommendable. Few weeks after promotion in a place of work, Jacque was found with a court case that saw her losing her job just like that. Nowadays, she does not concentrate so much on social media because she loves putting her life issues private to avoid unnecessary attention from the public. Apparently, today Jacque Maribe joined other news anchors and reporters in Lavington at Stephen Letoo's house where they were seen enjoying drinks. Letoo posted a photo with Jacque and he added a strong caption claiming that he wished they had another chance of recreating nice moments just like they had in the work place. 'Everything that reminds me of you makes me miss you a little bit more than ever. Lets share memories once more'. This is what Stephen Letoo told Jacque and basically, fans had wild reactions after seeing that post on Instagram.

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