Rick Ross exists Dubai after spending 3 days with Hamisa Mobetto

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American rapper and record executive William Leonard Roberts II,known by his stage name Rick Ross, has left Dubai for Memphis Tennessee.He took to his instagram page to express how much he loved spending time with Hamisa and wished he could take her with her. "Dubai I ❤ you.Wish I could take you with me but its mo' money to get.I know you are mine. Memphis Tennessee awaits me...until the next time..." he wrote.

The rapper had a small concert and was also going to meet Tanzanian singer, actress and entrepreneur Hamisa Mobetto whom he has been gushing over her beauty in every picture she posts.The two enjoyed each other's company at a club,Club Bru where the rapper was performing.

The two were seen getting cozy and intimate at the club located 32 floors up.They danced together with Rick Ross hugging her and leaning on her for a kiss.They both took to their instagram pages to share the happy moments and fans could not get over it.

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