No textbooks for three years, school children are fed 3 cedis a day but we have $22m for Cathedral

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It seems the system here in Africa is a lot different from that of the developed world and what is being considered a priority for a black man isn't the same as that of a white man. The adage says that "a promise made is a promise kept" and the president pledged to build a cathedral for his God must be honored.

However, must it be done with the people's money? This has been the ultimate question most Ghanaians are asking and has generated a lot of controversies in the country. On news file, a political talk show where issues of national concern are discussed, the host Samson Anyenini had two panelists this morning and that included the vibrant legislator Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

Since the National Cathedral, is a hot issue, it was a topic of discussion and the member of parliament spoke lengthy about the whole project. He began by stating that there is no money and we pay 97 pesewas to 3 cedis per child for school feeding. How many of us will send our children to school?

Similarly, prison inmates in the country are fed on 1 cedi 80 pesewas for a whole day and this is absurdity according to the human rights report. The state of Ghana's economy is in a bad state, we're always running to borrow or beg for money abroad where no president would ever use taxpayers money to fulfill a personal pledge. Those monies we borrow are far less than the ones we are throwing away.

Sadly, neither is there money to print textbooks for basic pupils for three straight years but there are millions of cedis to pay as “additional seed money” for a National Cathedral and $22m for Adjaye.

Surprisingly, what is most irritating is the involvement of venerable men of God who have been tricked into this project, to occupy the board of trustees' position. The deceit and deception in this cathedral matter are too much.

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