Meet The Only Player Who Killed A Referee On The Field, See What The Referee Did To Him

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Canter referees are in charge of officiating football matches between two teams. He or she can determine whether or not to take a player out of a game while it is still in progress.

After receiving a second yellow card, Bassel Saad was the only player to stomp on the referee. He refused to leave the pitch during the game, which was against the rules of discipline according to the player's cord of contact.

Bassel Saad was charged with assault with the intent to cause serious bodily harm after punching referee John Bieniewicz in the head. The official had told Saad that he was going to kick him out of a soccer tournament in Livonia, and Saad responded by hitting the official in the head.

On Friday, Judge Thomas Cameron, who handed down the sentence, told Saad that he had come to personify all that is wrong with many people's beliefs about the rise in sports violence.


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