8 Obvious Signs That Shows Your Dream is Becoming True ?


Everyone wants to be successful isn't it? Everyone wants to be comfortable. But how do you know when you are on the right route of becoming whom you really to be to be. As we get older, we experience transitions in our lives, in our thinking, in our actions, and also in our decisions.

Here are 10 signs you things, that will tells you that you are becoming that responsible person you are meant to be

1. You begin to Isolate Yourself.

Although it is usually a good idea to have some alone time every now and then, doing it more often than not may not actually be as bad as it seems. A lot of people seem to associate feelings of isolation with signs or symptoms of depression. 

However, the reason for the isolation can be different. If you find out that you are keeping more to yourself, taking certain decisions on your own, solving your own problems without asking for help from anyone, or basically holding out on your own, then it is one of the signs that you are on your way to personal growth. 

2. Have few but positive friends.

One of the signs that we are coming out of the childhood and teenage shell is the reduced circle of friends. At this point, it does not matter if you have just about two or three friends, as long as they can be trusted, you are ok with that. Your reduced circle shows you are being more matured than you might notice. 

3. You are time conscious.

As a young person, you felt you had all the time in the world. Time to party, have fun and basically love your life the way you want. All of a sudden, you feel yourself running out of time. There is so much to do and you feel like you have wasted half of your life already. You feel constantly on edge, and 24 hours is suddenly not enough anymore. This is you stepping out of your childlike shoes and taking responsibility for your life. Thing is, you still have all the time in the world. 

4. You Regret Your Past Mistakes 

When you start feeling bad about those mistakes you made in the past, then you are growing up to be what you are meant to be. Realizing that the mistakes you made earlier in life was not the right choice, is a big step towards self-discovery and responsibility. 

5. You are concerned about the future.

As much as you were worried about your past, so you are equally concerned and anxious about your future. You are constantly in conflict with your mind, trying to find out what the future holds for you, and if you are in line with it. Try to calm down however, and take things easy. 

6.You are full of sadness than Happiness 

For your life is not all about roses anymore. You have come to appreciate the tough side of life and understand the importance of hardwork and hardship. But you must also understand that you need more positivity to be able to scale through life's challenges. 

8. You Focus More On having a Healthy Relationships.

Having healthy defined relationships is part of being responsible. It is no longer possible for you to joke around with certain things pertaining to your life. When you are more concerned about the impact of such relationship in your life, than what you can get from it, then you are probably more matured than you know. 

8. You Are Aware Of Your Personal Shortcomings.

No one is perfect. Nobody understands this more than a responsible adult. People who are concerned about their personal growth, and who are on their way to becoming who they are supposed to be, are aware of their flaws as humans and attempt to fix them. The major difference between a child and an adult is the lack of awareness of the human flaw. When you are aware of your flaws and take conscious efforts to set them straight, then you are on your way to becoming that which you are meant to be. 

Take a look at these 8 basic guidelines and you will judge yourself. Life is all about judgement, whether positive or negative. Please share your thoughts on the comment section plus don't forget to share and like.

God bless you.

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