'Wewe Ni Mluhya Kamili' Kenyans React After Papa Shirandula's Awinja Was Spotted Doing This


Kenyan actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, has excited her fans on social media with the photos that she recently published on the internet. The photos sparked varied reactions among the netizens, with the majority finding the photos funny. The photos showed Awinja while having a meal.

The meal was a plate of Ugali and vegetables accompanied by an alcoholic drink. What, however, caught the interest of many was the size of Ugali on the plate.

Awinja hails from the tribe of Luhya that is known for being in love with food. Just like the way every ethnic community has its unique trait, the Luhyas are known for valuing food. The concept behind the photos that Awinja took was to display just how much she as a Luhya loves food.

Netizens expressed varied reactions to the photo with some of them including top celebrities such as celebrated singer Bein of Sauti Sol requesting to join her.

Among the public figures who reacted to the photo are; socialite Huddah Monroe, radio presenter Massawe Japanni, comedian DJ Shiti among others.

Awinja ranks among the most sought-after actresses in the country. She enjoys a huge following of more than half a million followers on Instagram. Awinja shot into fame through a local drama show dubbed Papa Shirandula that used to air on Citizen TV. She played the character of a naive house girl. She won over the hearts of many through the character and ever since then she has maintained it her brand.

Papa Shirandula show also gave birth to comedian and radio presenter Jalang'o, Captain otoyoo, Wilbroda among others.

Here are some of the reactions to the post;

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