Why people need a priest to bury them, even when they do not believe in God? Opinion

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A lot of people when they are dying or when they are faced with a tough situation, that's when reality kicks. I remember the illustration of one pastor who said, one of the thugs was dying on his deathbed, on his last moment he cried out saying, "he see where he is going is dark. The people that have come to take me, are wearing black we are going through a dark corridor.

It means a person sees hell or heaven when he/she is dying. I don't know how true are these theories that, when a person dies it's either coming to be taken by the angels of light or the angels of darkness, and every person perceive or can see their destination before they actually give up their spirits or finally die.

A lot of people on a funeral think that on the last day, they can make a decision to follow Jesus, or to believe in God, just in case God exist, just in case what is written in the Bible about hell and heaven is true. It does not work that way, you need to make a decision when you still have time. It only happened with the thief on the cross, and some few individuals that 2 minutes before their end, they got a chance to ask God for forgiveness, and acknowledge Him as their lord and savior.

It does not happen to everyone, not everyone get this grace to fix his own issues before he or she can depart. Some people they die in an unexpected accident, there are people that dies through murder and others through unfortunate natural disaster events. There are people that just lie down and in the morning they woke up dead. When did they get the time to fix the issues, or to put their houses in order.

Then you will realise that some people have that 6th sense that believe in God, but they choose to ignore it. There is that inner voice that tells them that, above them there is somebody that exist. There's that inner voice that tells them that, there is somebody who is the reason for their existence, or their survival, but they choose to ignore it.

Even their families, even when they know that these people have never been believers of God, they call the church and pastors to come and bury their beloved ones. They sing, the verses that they read from the Bible, the sermon that the pastor gives, the things that the people say on the funeral program, all those things they can't change the destination of a person. If you didn't change then by the lifestyle you lived.

When you still had time, you could have changed it then. So the people should just be careful and make use of the time that they have, make the right decision because beyond the grave, there is no time to pray.

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