Stop Withdrawing Money From Your Momo Account;Try This (Opinion)


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The rising incidents of frauds by MTN momo users has compelled the Telecommunication giant to take strict measures such as presenting a valid ID card before withdrawal. The firm also thinks this method will help curb or lower the risk of Customers being duped .

Well they have been scrutinized by most of the customers since it's hectic and also put them at a huge risk. But why do I think you should stop withdrawing money from your MTN and what is the safest way to guard your personal information.

In my personal experience, a man living in my neighborhood ask me to give him my ID card and he promised to pay for it. I was wondering why he would pay for it but I later realized he is going to use my ID number for his fraudulent activities which in due term I may be arrested. 

How does this concern your Momo?

Well whenever you give your ID out you make yourself more prone to the fraudsters. This is because they will use your ID's number to access not just your Momo but also can use it as a pseudonym when registering a bank account, paypal etc. It also means they may or can even have access to your bank account details if they are really smart. 

The presentation of a valid ID before withdrawing money by MTN is a nice initiative for their firm but this puts the customers at risk since exposures to their ID can cause problems in the near future.

What you can do?

1. Please get a trusted Mobile money vendor and withdraw money from them. Avoid withdrawing money from any mobile money vendor.

NB: Please do not withdraw money from vendors frequently changing their workers as this can make you prone to fraudulent activities.

2. You can also register for other mobile money platforms such as Tigo and Vodafone. Whenever you receive money to your Momo account you can transfer that money to your Tigo or Vodafone wallet and withdraw from there if you want to keep your information private and since it is also simple and convenient.

Disclaimer: This article is the expression of the writers opinion not an avenue to discredit the Telecommunication giant, MTN.

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