Safaricom Offers Free Ksh 40 Airtime By Completing This Enrollment and Referral Process


Safaricom is one of the telecommunications companies that offers a wide range of services through mobile technology and other computerized devices.

Among the telecommunication services that Safaricom offer include but not limited to airtime packages. This refers to a Talktime service that millions of Safaricom subscribers have adopted to connect with each other in the communication network.

Safaricom now gives a separate airtime total worth of Kes 40 airtime, minutes or more upon enrolling and referring friends into one of its services.

This is awarded to every registered Safaricom subscriber upon completion of simple procedures toward enrolling and making a successful referral which can be more than one while using any of your sim cards.

There are two separate, but under one service process that is mandatory for you to get free airtime from Safaricom. This article walks you through two processes where each process awards you with separate airtime.

The first process with the first Kes 20 airtime involves opting in which in simple terms refers to as the enrollment section.

Here, you will be required to go through two steps which involve the use of a shortcode and secondly completion of the process via a voice call from Safaricom.

The final process toward the next free airtime involves steps toward making a federal to any of your friend's Safaricom registered line.

The first Process- Enrollment via shortcode and voice call from Safaricom

Enrolment in this second shall give you the first free airtime and in this article, you'll understand how to get the next free reward by following some other simple steps.

Here, you can begin the entire process by using either of the Safaricom shortcodes; *100# or *456#.

For our case, let's choose to use the *100# shortcode to follow the procedures below:

Start your first process by dialing *100#. From here, you will be given several options in the menu. Select option "0" that's "Jitambulishe".

After selecting it, proceed and select the first option in the menu given, that's " Enrol and get free airtime."

Then, you're required to type in your National Identification Card number in the space provided.

After feeding in your ID number, you will also be required to select your preferred language from either English or Kiswahili as shown below.

As soon as you complete this section, you will be now ready to receive a voice call from Safaricom so that you complete process one.

Shortly, Safaricom shall call with the official line 0722000000, receive it and follow the procedures which require you to imitate " At Safaricom, My Voice is My Password". You're required to say after the tone three times to allow accurate recording of your voice which you'll be using to access Safaricom services any time you need it. This includes getting PUK in times you accidentally block your line.

Safaricom message: "We have created your voice password. Next time please dial 100/234, and use your voice to access PUK, Unlock M-PESA A/c, transfer your Bonga points, and much more"

As soon as you complete the voice recording, Safaricom sends a prompt that requires you to enter your secret M-PESA pin. This enables Safaricom to confirm your information is among the services which you'll access using the voice password include M-PESA services.

Once you've entered your secret M-PESA PIN, Safaricom then sends you a message confirming your reward with Free Airtime.

Safaricom message: Congratulations! You've received Ksh 20 worth of airtime valid for 7 days after successfully enrolling for Jitambulishe.

However, if you'd already enrolled, Safaricom can just send you a message that directs you on how to get the next free airtime reward.

The second Process- How to get the next free credit through referral.

Though the same process as in step one is followed, this is a bit different and the way you can get rewarded varies too.

In this case, you'll get a reward with airtime if you're on prepare or minutes if on postpay.

How to get free airtime or minutes using this process

Begin your process BH dialing *100#. Select the same option, "Jitambulishe" and proceed to the next menu where you will have to select the "Tell a friend and get a reward" option. This is where you will as well check your referral status, upgrade your Jitambulishe, and access other related information. The next step requires you to enter your friend's Safaricom mobile number.

As soon as you complete this step, Safaricom will send you a message confirming that you have referred your friend and that you will be rewarded with either airtime or minutes depending on whether you're a prepay or post-pay subscriber. However, for you to get this reward, the person you referred must first enroll into the service.

To access more free airtime and equivalent minutes, you can opt to enroll using your other Safaricom lines, follow the same enrollment and referral processes.


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