"Imebeba Kama Gari Ya Western" Mwalimu Dida Says About Ruto's Camp

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Ahead of August Polls all the aspirants from members of cabinet assembly upto presidency are at trail and error to see which side has greater weight to form the next government.This has made them to form coalition to increase their percentage.Presidential candidates have also not declare their running mates.

Amid this, Mwalimu Dida Kipkoech has emerged with powerful claims concerning the United Democratic Alliance Camp.Tweeting that 'Imebeba kama gari ya western.' According to Mwalimu he sees that UDA is congested and gives everyone hopes to run for the office including those are not courageous enough.Comparing with vehicles from western carrying passengers to brim heading to different places.

He tweeted "UDA given hope to everyone hope to run for office. Their lineup of candidates has everything, including Skele the village dog. How do you explain Havi and Omanga and illegal makaa vendors in the same list? Imebeba kama gari ya western."

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