"Pombe sio Supu," Vasha Party Queen in Viral Photos Spotted Getting Home - Video


A viral photo of a young girl sleeping helplessly in Naivasha rally parties took the internet by storm on Sunday.

However, a viral video has emerged of the young girl being taken home after she took one too many.

Young men and women from different parts of Kenya went to Naivasha on Friday where they were to witness the historic return of the rally back in Kenya.

The ministry of health and interior security had warned all those attending the major event of observing the set covid guidelines and regulations.

The viral clip has emerged barely days after another girl was spotted galloping a bottle of gin.

The young lady later passed out after the dry intake of the heavy Gin.


Faith.. So heartbreaking!! She is vulnerable to any form of abuse in this state. God help her!

Okoth.. Very very sad. May she recover and get well. Maybe she got drugged yet we are celebrating.

Kinina... God have mercy….praying she gets home safe.

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