Why Loise Kim's Daughter Failed Her Cabin Crew Interview


Loise Kimani mostly known as Loise Kim is a kikuyu gospel songs musician. She started singing about fifteen years ago. Loise is a mother of two,a daughter and a son. Little is known about her son but her daughter came to the lime light recently after she started her youtube channel.

Today,on her youtube channel, Marya Kimani her daughter revealed some details on how she failed her interview. She sounded so emotional for having wasted her mum's money. Marya said that she took it as a waste of money because she had already spent a lot of money at KCA university before joining the cabin crew school.

Marya said that after she was done with her university studies at KCA,she decided to join the cabin crew school for three months so that she can start the job. She revealed that the school was super expensive but she was sure she would succeed because she qualified in all the areas they were checking on before enrolling any student.

She said that the school needed a certain height and a beautiful smile of which she had both. She was hopeful that after the three months of training,she would definitely get the job. Marya said that she had to always entice her mum so that she can continue paying the very expensive training.

After being trained for three months,Marya together with her classmates had to do an interview that would determine whether they would be employed or not. Marya said that she dressed like a real cabin crew staff during that interview. During the interview,she got nervous and she forgot about her age. So she said that she was twenty years,yet only those that were above twenty one years qualified for that Interview. She wasn't twenty though.

That was the first mistake she did. The other mistake that she came to realize later was that she had braces on her teeth and they are normally not allowed. After a week, she was notified that she did not qualify for the job. This really brought her down considering the mistakes she did could have been corrected. She could have removed the braces and she could have also done a correction on her age.

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