7 Signs That You Are A Lazy Person

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Everyone has feelings of idleness every now and again. Here are seven signs that your are lazy.

1. You only wash your clothes when needed- You only feel compelled to do your laundry when you have a certain outfit to wear. You might even clean one top since you need to wear it the next day and save the others for another day.

2. You are a procrastinator- You keep pushing things forward until the last possible moment. You know you should have completed the assignment in the five weeks allotted to you, but for some reason finishing it three days before the deadline seemed more fitting.

3. You always want somebody else to do things for you- You ask for the most insignificant of tasks that you are perfectly capable of completing.

4. You take a lot of brakes- And the majority of these breaks are usually pointless or spent doing pointless activities.

5. You always choose the easier way out- Even the prospect of having to do anything as simple as walk for 20 minutes makes you feel anxious.

6. You are too lazy to do minor duties- You don't go to the restroom until you're on the edge of peeing on yourself. I'm not sure why you'd subject yourself to such suffering, but whatever.

7. You want to sleep all the time- It consumes your thoughts no matter where you are or who you are with. Your bed is like a best friend who can't comprehend why people would want to go out and attempt to have a good time when they could be cuddling up in a blanket instead.

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