Biblical People Who Committed Serious Offences Against God And Got Punished

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The people in the Bible who made serious mistakes and God never gave them a second chance  



 Moses is one of the best prophets in the Bible. God used Moses to perform some of the best miracles ever performed in the records of mankind, and through him, we can also see the story of the introduction and establishment of the industry. 




 He became an effective prophet so that even God could speak to him face to face. It is so surprising and unexpected that even after God used him to do good works, a simple mistake caused God to radically change his mind and allow him to visit Canaan. Instead of telling the rock to offer him water, Moses died of anger, determined to strike the rock, and it was no longer pleasing to God, and although the water had come out, God was no longer satisfied. Moses tried to apologize, but God said he shouldn't mind such a thing and so Moses bypassed Canaan. 


 According to King Saul 


 King Saul became the chief king of Israel and as the chief king of Israel, God wanted his nation to be final all the time because his descendants would rule all the time. time. a big mistake and God rejected it completely. While he imagined awaiting the return of the prophet Samuel and offering a sacrifice to God, he was so devoted and selfless that God rejected him and resurrected King David. 




 Most of you have probably looked at the story of Abimelech becoming the son of Gideon and ruling in Israel. He had 70 siblings and decided to kill his 70 siblings so that a final and final decision on his father's behalf could be the most effective. This matter was very displeasing to God and God decided to humiliate him despite the fate despite being enchanted by a girl who accidentally dropped a bollard from a roof pinnacle and is now no longer trying to 'to be visible because he was killed by a girl, he instructed in each of his boys to kill him to finish him off. 




 We find the first case of murder in the Bible in the first book of the Bible and it was due to the jealousy that Cain had towards his brother Abel.


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