You will be sacked from the teaching job if you fail to do this urgently


Ghana Education Service is an organization under the government which seek to the welfare of education in Ghana. In a recent letter to all teachers and the general public, they urged all teachers and incoming teachers to be licensed. This licensing will begin in May, 2021. However teachers who were employed before September, 2018 are to log onto the national teaching council website at and register. The deadline for this registration is 7th May, 2021. All teachers need to register before the deadline or else there may be consequences which is the termination of your contract at the Ghana Education Service.

Teachers who were employed after this date need to write a licensure exams and pass with merit in order to be a fully professional teacher. 

Failure to do these will be a termination of your contract from the GES and also you will lose your teaching job. Below is the letter itself.

Let us see what develops out of this.

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