"She Was A Visionary And God-fearing Woman" DP William Ruto Mourns Truphena

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Deputy President William Ruto has a dream. He has a dream of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta and become the 5th Head of the nation. For that reason, he has been busy campaigning and popularizing himself around the nation in recent months.

Although DP William Ruto has a busy schedule, he today had to cut it short and spare some time for mourning after he received sad news of the death of his beloved mother from Embu. Through his official twitter account, the emotional Deputy President mourned the death of Mama Truphena.

DP William Ruto stated that the deceased was a visionary and God-fearing woman who offered wisdom and guidance to the community. He went on to quote a Bible verse to friends and family of the fallen hero.

"Our condolences to the family and friends of Mama Sisimonda Truphena Muthoni Kiringa of Embu County. She was a visionary and God-fearing woman, who offered wisdom and guidance to the community." Tweeted DP William Ruto.

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