Poloo's child is not a toddler, Ghanaians blast Nigerian superstar.


Nigerian superstar Tonto Dikeh has voiced out her opinion regarding social media personality Akuapem poloo's 90-day jail sentencing. The actress believes 3 months behind bars is a bit harsh on a mother who thought she was doing the right thing. Tonto shared a post on her Instagram page and said nobody tells a mother how to bring up her child however, it becomes societal responsibility when the child is hurt. The actress further went on to condemn poloo's act which has landed her in trouble now. 

I was just surfing on Twitter and i happen to come across a post by Ameyaw Debrah, the post is about what Tonto Dikeh had to to say about Akuapem poloo's case, the post read " 3 months without your toddler child is a pain no mother should feel" – Tonto Dikeh reacts to Akuapem poloo's jail sentence".

Although there seems to be nothing wrong with what the actress said but some fans have criticised Tonto Dikeh for a lot of reasons. Ghanaians under the post believe is about time we allowed the law to work and besides poloo's child is not a toddler. Check out how fans reacted to the post on Twitter. 

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