Kenyans Blast The DP After Hosting a Huge Delegation


The deputy president William Ruto today like any other day hosted a huge delegation from Narok county. With several members of Parliament leading their people to Karen, the official resident to William Ruto, the DP addressed several issues most of which o which was legal concerns.

People have asked how comes the huge meeting still exist despite the corona pandemic which is ravaging this country. This comes at the time the president addressed the nation on the covid pandemic in Kenya.

The president asked the political leaders to torn down for the sake of the people of Kenya whom they seek to lead. Political activities ave also been raising temperatures especially in Kiambaa constituency following the by election which is scheduled mid next month. The DP seems to be much interested with the pastoral community especially those who are living in the Rift Valley to consolidate them into one voting bloc.

These are some of the people's reactions on the meeting of the DP with the Maa community;