Drama erupted as Jumwa and Kithi supporters engaged in a tussle during Ruto's rally

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Aisha Jumwa the Malindi member of Parliament lost her cool on a rally that was led by deputy president William Ruto in Kilifi County on 25th May 2022.

While addressing the political congregation that was full of UDA and Pamoja African Alliance Members, Jumwa was faced to stop addressing the crowds.

The crowd shouted at Jumwa which foced her to finish her speech and introduce George Kithi the PAA leader.

"I request the UDA supporters to keep quiet. You have come for the rally while the others are clearly here to do their job (stop her from speaking)", Jumwa narrated.

Jumwa later left the Microphone angrily telling Kithi to speak to his people and stop them from shouting.

"Honourable George Kithi, every dog listens to its owner so speak to your people and cool them down," Jumwa left her speech.

Later the Kenya Kwanza leader William Ruto decided to address the congregation o his car instead of the dias that was made for him.

He asked the the two to put aside their differences and campaign for the Kenya Kwanza team to ensure they win the next elections peacefully.

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