When did you realize that your family hates you

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When did you realize that your family hates thread: Thandeka MbuliThandi had the most touching story to share under the Twitter thread, she says she realized it when her mother passed away, her aunt and grandmother started mistreating her and her brother.

Further said that she got a scholarship early this year and they needed her mother's papers or documents but her grandmother ran away with the documents now they are fighting for her mother's house because they no longer have money her mother left for her and her brother.

Family is usually does this to children their parents die, the government should find a way to protect the problem until the child are older especially when it comes to money. If it money the money should be hold up until the kids are older because if it falls into the wrong hands the children won't see a cent off it.

Now that the grandmother is other relatives are fighting for her mother's house it tells you how materialistic they are.

More share their difficulties under this thread:

Bathe Nkosi says the whole family was evil bad except for my mother, the rest aunties, uncle and cousins they hate me just because I was appearing on TV and all even my auntie told me that I won't make it in life and she wanted nothing to do with me.

Yanda Bubles said when her father got disappointed of her for getting a C in university but yet her little sister that failed Grade 11 and fell pregnant was still love and cared for. Favoritism in families is real the child that will suffer is mostly the elderly one.

If your father get disappointed for getting a C but not get disappointed when the young one fall pregnant at young age and also fail grade 11.


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