7 Diet Decisions You Can Make To Live Longer

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A wise man once said; Health is Weath and he definitely wasn't lying, if you ask an average person what he wish for, he will definitely tell you it's long life. But in other to live long, you must live healthy and in other to do that, you must make sure you eat the right things at the right time. The major source of nutrients to our body is food and if we ever expect to exceed our life expectancy, we must make sure we eat quality food. In this article I will be looking at some diet decisions we can make that might give us a chance of living longer.

1. Drink Wine

American Heart Association (AHA) research showed that taking a cup of wine once in a while is actually good for our body, it provides the body with anti-oxidants that helps the heart and reduces the chance of heart diseases.

2. Go Meatless At times

Studies have showed that people who eat less meat tends to live longer, if we can reduce our intake of meat and replace that with vegetables and fruits, our chances are increased.

3. Go fish

4. Eat some watermelon

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

6. Increase fibre intake

7. Eat more (good) fats

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