See Pope Francis' message to the world concerning Nigeria and the protest.

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Just incase you don't know, Pope Francis is, as the Bishop of Rome , the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Pope Francis has called on the world to pray for Nigeria, following the unrest that has taken lives as well as the destruction of properties in states across the country.

 “Let us pray to the Lord for Nigeria, so that every form of violence might always be avoided, in the constant search of social harmony through the promotion of justice and the common good.”

It is no longer news that thousands of youths had been protesting against the extrajudicial killings by policemen perpetrated especially by men of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

However, the peaceful protest was hijacked by hoodlums who attacked protesters.

Thereafter was the Lekki shootings which degenerated into the vandalisation, looting of businesses, warehouses where COVID-19 palliatives where stored, burning of police stations and other properties in some states of the federation.

The good news is that, the protest has gained international attention. Let's hope they can do something to make things better.

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