'South Africans are you going to be vaccinated ? - OPINION


Lest we forget Bill Gates has been frequenting SA way before Covid-19 outbreak and the question remains, who has he been meeting with? What have they been planning? 

Is it a coincidence that SA is currently running vaccine trials? Why is it that the Americans have drafted a petition that he be charged & arrested for human crimes, allegedly committed in India and other countries for the application of vaccines that left many children in paralysis state? Why are these vaccines tried in SA and WHO is funding same? Why are not these trials done in the epicenters of the virus including US & Europe? 

Do we even have to trust the stats which peaked in SA, or is it a justification campaign to apply vaccines or are these numbers even genuine, or are they out to cause panic for people to give in on vaccines? 

Yes, we are told about Corona virus existence am not saying it doesn't exist, but my problem is that same is intertwined with politics and once it is diluted with politics, especially untrustworthy politicians, it leaves a lot to be desiredWhy was the army unleashed on us? Was it brought to intimidate us because so far, the army and the police have killed over 10 people since the lockdown? 

Are we still a constitutional democratic country, or are we now a totalitarian State using iron fist to intimidate people to force them to believe in a certain narrative?Is it what's happening in the country a coincidence with COVID-19 wherein Cyril's speeches were dominated by 4thIR (4th Industrial Revolution and now, COVID -19 is blamed for a spade of mass retrenchments in our country, however, Cyril, has had SOES lined up for sale way before Corona virus hit on our shores, with SAA and SA Express being the first customers of privatisation and many black people are set to lose their jobs.

Remember? 4thIR depends largely on artificial intelligence whereby robots and machines take over human resources, and many people will soon be losing their jobs like what is happening now with the SOES.

Speaking of which, are we aware that only government employees are safe from retrenchments when many private sectors will genuinely so or hide behind the Corona virus, to lay off staff?

During these difficult times, we seek to take solace from Presidents Trump and Putin to crush this so called "New World Order


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