Obaapa Christy Has Denied Me Access To My Children – Pastor Love

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Pastor Love Hammond, the ex-husband of Obaapa Christy has said that he has not been getting access to his kids because the musician isn’t allowing him. The popular man of God, Pastor Love have accused her ex wife for avoiding him meeting his own kids they had together when they were together as couples.

”My children are very dear to me, but at a point, my ex wife, Obaapa Christy said she will never allow me to see my own kids. What can I do?” Pastor Love Hammond quizzed. Pastor love revealed this sad story during an in-phone interview on Anigyie Mere on Onua Fm. He revealed the pain he has been going through because of this issue but have decided not to push it too far as it will end worse.

”I’ve let it slide and I am okay. I’m not the first person to go through such trouble. I’m not the only person and won’t be the only person who has gone through and will go through. Some of the women in our society, if you are no more with them, that’s what they’ll do to you. He added.

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