Guess the exorbitant prices of these foods in restaurants and hotels


Waakye Ghc2.00, Gari and Macaroni/Spaghetti Ghc1.00, Wele Ghc1.00, fish/egg Ghc 2.00, a total of Ghc 6.00 - the amount an average Ghanaian will be willing and able to spend on a staple food like Waakye.

Talk of Banku, Ampesi, Tuozaafi, Fufu, Face the wall and Kenkey, they most probably fall within this (Ghc6.00) price range when buying food, from the local vendors especially.

But that is not the case when it comes to exotic restaurants or hotels who offer local foods on their menu at premium prices.

These prices can range as high as 20 to 30 times the prices one could get from a local food vendor.

We are not in to mention any names but if you know you know.

As for the taste, we doubt if there would be much taste to it.

Below are some local food served in an exotic manner with prices far more than we could think of.

Gues how much this would cost.

Stay tuned for more.