Opinion: Why Joe Boy Should Change His Style Of Making Music Videos

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Joe boy who is young music artist who became popular after his first song in 2019 titled "Baby". The star has been making hits since he officially joined the music industry under Mr Eazi. His songs are known to be short but very entertaining and very nice to listen to and also his past music videos were amazing.

But since he released his latest song titled "Slow Burner" alongside Larry Gaaga Nigerians have noticed a change in his music video style. The video featured many beautiful women that Joe boy was very intimate with more than his normal pattern of intimacy with girls.

We saw a different side of Joe boy because in the video him and video vixen were in the shower together which was very disturbing to some fans.

If Joe boy is to continue making music videos like this, his fans would loose interest in his music which will lead to a bad music career for him but it is not too late for Joe Boy to change. He is still young and bound to make mistakes.

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