'Drama In Dagoretti After a Man Is Arrested For Threatening to Sleep With His Biological Mother

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Police officers from Dagoretti have arrested a man who is reported to have Threaten to sleep with her mother after which he would hack her to death.


Revealing what happened, the mother of the suspect revealed that her son, a 26 year old who has been identified as James Wawiru came home in the evening after which he allegedly picked up a fight with her mother who had refused to give her ksh. 10 to buy food for dinner.

In her own words, the woman who has been identified as Mary Walthera revealed that the suspect allegedly started threatening her with a Machete where he allegedly claimed that he was going to sleep with her after which he would kill her. According to the reports given by Mary, she said that her son got aggressive and even started charging towards her before she was rescued by their neighbors.

"He came home as usual and ordered me to give him some money for food. I didn't have it and for this reason, I told him to go and that's when he accused me of being a bad mother. He threatened to sleep with me after which he said he was going to kill me. I knew it was not a joke because he pulled out a knife and even said he was not afraid of killing me. I started shouting and that's when our neighbors came and rescued me from him", she said.

Making her judgement, the judge who was presiding over this case ordered the suspect to be remanded until his next hearing after he pleaded not guilty. However, kenyans who took to their different social media accounts to express their opinions and suggestions on the matter have called upon judge to not release him claiming that he might kill his mother.

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