Hizo Zote, See Amount Of Money Left By The KDF's Lover Who Killed Self And Children.

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Prior to taking her own life, a 28 years old woman who poisoned her two children and later killed herself wrote a letter describing why she did so. Mary Mulombe is accused of writing in her suicide note that her husband's adultery was the principal reason for her death.

She further listed out the name of the ladies with who her husband had been having experiences and explained that she was not ready to give up her husband to any of them, no matter how attractive they are.

However, according to The Standard Newspaper, the lady revealed through her suicide note that she had Ksh 80,000 in her M-pesa and also ksh 100,000 in her bank account. In the message, the husband was sent an ATM and pin advising him that he may use the money immediately.

Follow this link to watch the video;https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/central/article/2001434666/housewife-kills-self-two-children-over-husbands-infidelity.

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