Five must know tips for every success oriented mind. The fifth one changed my life


Most young people have dreams of becoming successful but many of them actually know that this is a journey that requires great discipline and determination. I am going to give you five best tips to follow if you are really determined to make your future brighter than your present time.

1. Great success requires great effort.

Success is sometimes a lonely journey that requires one to step out from the multitude and take his own responsibility and focus on him or herself. Otherwise success is not a miracle and the dreams remains to be dreams unless worked for.

2.You are the average of five people whom you keep company with.

A success oriented man should be aware that socializing with people is not important but what is important is socializing with people who have visions and dreams.You should keep in mind that bad company ruins good morals,hence,you should spend your time with positive people who understands their life purpose.

3. You won't keep control of your time unless you say no.

In the generation that we are today,most people are obsessed with social media and watching movies.This is what is causing some people not to succeed through wasting time doing unproductive work.Remember that time waits for no king.

4. Everything has its time.

Even if we have got talents and abilities,we must know that everything has its proper time.Yoi can't have a one month old baby by just impregnating nine women! Everything takes time and so we must be patient and do it in its suitable time.

5. Behind every good outcome, there is a positive mind and action.

Positive mind are like factories, there is a man named zig ziglar who quoted that,"a positive mind does not always change the problem but it will always change you."You must learn to always think positive if you want to achieve in your life.

I wish you all the best as you practice these tips,if you want to add any other tip you can leave a comment on the comments section below.You can also like it and share it to your friends.