Young boy Makes professional debut age 11 years for 4th division club in top African League.

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This is definitely suppose to be the news of the day as a young boy was spotted on the pitch both running, marking, tackling and making passes with men who are far Older than him. He goes by the name Eric Marshall. 

In the Liberian fourth division league, 11 year old Eric Marshall has broken record and defied all odds as he was named in the starting line up for FC Gar'ou in the League encounter against Mondee Lions. 

His Jersey, Shorts and Socks caught the attention of the media as the cloths was far beyond his size. Despite his shirt was tucked-in, in his shorts, it still rolled above his knees. His leg were so thin that he could not hold up his socks which were protection of his skin on the right leg. Definitely, his boots size would have been gotten from Children’s store. 

The young boy was so confident that he didn’t replicate any sign of been intimidated by the bigger body and stature on the field instead he ran confidently on the pitch to have a feel of the game. Maybe in the next few years, the young boy could have been scouted in Europe or probably representing an African Club with his wealth of talent. 

Kindly share this out to anywhere in the world to help this youngster realize his dreams and reach his potential. A word of encouragement on the comments box for him.

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