Video Link: Car Sinks Into The Ground In Mumbai Amidst Heavy Rains, It Has Since Been Retrieved


This incident took place today at Ram Niwas, Cama Lane, Ghatkopar West. Dr. Kiran Doshi’s car sunk deep into water when the surface caved in. Many years ago, the society had ‘partially’ covered the well with RCC and the residents of the society used to park their vehicles on it.

The RCC on this well has been washed away by rain / water today and the car parked fell into the well and drowned.

 There were no casualties in the incident. It was informed the traffic control room. Officers / staff of local Ghatkopar police station were sent at the spot.

"Please check the details, It was the shoddy shortcut taken by a housing society which led to the accident. A well had been covered with a RCC slab. Please go down and check the fire safety system of your society, I'm sure it does not work. Easy to blame but difficult to change ourselves," Sanjay tweeted .

The car has since been retrieved. As it sunk to the ground, the lights were on. Speculations were high with some saying, there were some occupants in the car. After spending some hours the rescue team's mission was a success. It is now confirmed, there was no occupant nor casualties.

Video Link:


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