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The man whose photo was not disclosed but his name was given as Felix descends on the Ghanaians mercilessly.

According to Felix, when two (2) elephants fight, the grounds suffer and that is what is happening between Ghanaians through the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Felix said the Ghanaians always hail the political parties they belong to and go to the extreme of making a T-shirt to show their support for that particular party whiles they are suffering.

Felix also said the politicians use the money that belongs to the Ghanaians to prosper and most Ghanaians who are suffering are sometimes seen celebrating with their party leaders.

Felix then quizzes by asking whether the Ghanaians are going to make politics ruin the nation because they are always following their party leaders through campaigns and the like but are suffering whiles the leaders are enjoying.

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