Kabi Praises Mother-In-Law After She Learns How To Drive A Car.

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Mrs Ng'ang'a is the mother of Milly Wajesus. Milly is the wife of Kabi Wajesus. This makes Mrs. Ng'ang'a to be Kabi's mother in law. The relationship between Kabi and his mum in law is just adorable and one of the most admired relationship between in laws.

Kabi and his mum in law usually get along very well. The two Even go to a far extent of pranking each other and Milly's mum is comfortable with it. On various mother's day celebration Kabi and Milly always go an extra mile of treating their mums to vacation and giving small appreciation gifts.

Kabi has Revealed that his mum recently enrolled in driving classes and he is proud that now his mum in law can comfortably drive on her own. Kabi has flaunted this video of Milly's mum reversing her car and later driving on to the highway. However Milly's mum car has a learner sticker on.

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