RIP: How Suspect in Kilgoris Murder Killed 2 Young Boys and Their Pregnant Mother

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Police in Kilgoris, Narok county arrested a 17 year old class 8 student after he allegedly murdered 3 of his family members in cold blood.

After the arrest, the boy confessed to the murders stating that it was out of revenge.

He said that he killed the two young boys aged 5 and 10 by first strangling them then slitting their throats. He later dumped the body of the boys at the family farm.

The mother who was 6 months pregnant on the other hand was attacked using a Panga when she came back from the market. She was rushed to hospital but sadly died while receiving treatment.

The suspect is her nephew and has a criminal record. He once arrested and put behind bars but later released.

The father of the victims now wants police to investigate the case. He is in pain since his whole family was murdered in cold blood. He received the sad news through a phone call from a family member while he was at work.

Our sincere condolences.

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