'Watu Waache Upuzi' President Uhuru Slams Ruto's Manifesto Questioning Why He Didn't Do Them Earlier

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has slammed his deputy, William Ruto's manifestos questioning why he never implemented his ideas while in government while presiding at the National Council of Ushirika Day in KICC.

Even though he didn't mention Ruto's name he compared the work done by the current Agriculture CS Peter Munya who has been in office for 3 years and Ruto- who had once served in the ministry.

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He claimed that his Deputy didn't perform his job as all he did was just talk and heap blame on him.

This comes just after Ruto's pledge to prosecutor Uhuru Kenyatta on claims of state capture when wins the August 9th presidential elections. Furthermore, the president asked Kenyans to think very hard and make wise decisions during the elections.

However, this is not the first time the two top government officials have been seen disagreeing in public as it has been witnessed on most occasions.

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News source: KTN News Kenya

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