BBN 2020: Between Vee, Nengi, Wathoni, Lilo, Erica And Dorathy: Who's The Most Beautiful Housemate?


2020 Big Brother show was filled with all experience a fan of the show can ever desire for.

As we saw beautiful ladies, we saw brilliant minds, likewise jovial and amazing folks.

The show was certainly filled with interesting personalities.

However, out of all the ladies who participated in the show, six (6) of them have been rated such that the most beautiful out of them is to be chosen.

Lots of ladies participated in the show this year, but only six who are seen as more beautiful between them are chosen, and thus, out of those chosen ones, the most beautiful is to be chosen.

Those selected are Lilo, Vee, Nengi, Dorathy, Erica and Wathoni.

Of course, we all know that all these ladies are good in their own ways, and they all participated with their best efforts, likewise, some of them were able to build massive fan base before the show ended.

However, we are not to judge by these points, not by their achievements or what they did in the house, but by their beauty only.

Thus, between Vee, Nengi, Dorathy, Wathoni, Lilo and Erica, who is the most beautiful?

See the pictures of the housemates below:

• Vee

• Dorathy

• Erica

• Nengi

• Lilo

• Wathoni 

So, make your choice.

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