Finally Mr Kgomo Is Going To Lost His Job About What He Did To Magongwa And Celia

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Mr Kgomo is emulating Paxton's example by doing likewise. Giving Kele as a clarification to their activities. The apple doesn't travel a significant stretch after it has tumbled from the tree. Pax typifies his dad, Mr. Kgomo, in that he is exploitative, manipulative, and ghastly. I seek divine intervention that Paxton does anything that will bring about Mr. Kgomo losing his employment or perhaps placing him in the clinic.

What Mr. Kgomo needs from Celia is something that a many individuals have been pondering, and as it should be. Mzansi is certain that Mr. Kgomo is keen on taking part in mature exercises with Celia, correct? Mr. Kgomo took such measures as to enlist people to seize Magongwa so he could accompany Celia. Watchers of #SkeemSaam are worried that Mr. Kgomo might engage in extramarital relations with Celia in light of their openness to the show.

He has been visiting Celia and has been leaving his vehicle before her home. He has been let his better half know that he is there to gather the soul of his departed girl, however this is completely false. If by some stroke of good luck Mr. Kgomo's better half could quit being so credulous, then, at that point, she would acknowledge how maladroit her significant other and her kids are.

Individuals are somewhat confounded with respect to why Mr. Kgomo would take to such courses of action as sending hooligans to take Mr. Magongwa. Is it basically on the grounds that he needs to lay down with Celia, or is there something different happening here? Since Mr. Kgomo is Celia's chief, one may maybe reason that anything developed from that point assuming there was ever when he had been, here and there, a close to home point of support to Celia somehow or another. From that point forward, he lost it. Do you recollect when Kgomo coincidentally found Celia endeavoring to kill Alfios? It's conceivable that Kgomo compromised Celia by saying that he'll let the police know that it was then Celia begging Mr. Kgomo not to do as such. She went similarly as expressing "I'll do anything," and the time is now for celia to do anything for him after she offered that expression.

Meddling with Celia is Mr. Kgomo's approach to playing an unsafe game that could have serious outcomes. My brain continues onward back to the things that Celia achieved before and the unprecedented lengths she went to shield her friends and family. That woman is an amazing powerhouse and ought not be crossed. In place of truth, folks like Mr. Kgomo generally express this to their representatives, and they would anything they like to their workers, abuse their workers, and fire representatives while as yet pulling off it.


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