The Only Country That Never Recorded A Single Covid 19 Case Reports Its First Case Until Today

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As the entire world was battling with the Corona Virus pandemic, there are some few countries that did not suffer its pain as they did not receive a single infection. North Korea is one such country. The country has isolated itself from the other world and this is why they did not suffer the effects of the pandemic.

Latest reports however have it that North Korea has recorded its first Corona Virus case ever. The reports from media houses in North Korea said that the case has been termed a major medical emergency in the country. It is still undefined how many cases have been reported but as of Thursday, a positive case of the Omicron variant had been found.

An outback of Corona in North Korea cold be a disaster given the poor state of the health sector and infrastructure. It will therefore be difficult to treat and take care of the large population. Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea ordered a Nationwide lockdown and ordered that all medical supplies be disbursed across the country. The supplies had been prepared to deal with the pandemic in case it attacked them.

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