Secret Health Benefits Of Chromolaena Odorata (Achaempong) That You Have To Know


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In this article I will impart to you how you can realize you are strong. I therefore bring to you chromolaena Odorata (C. Odorata) locally known as achaempong which is famous in Ghana. Although it is well know but it Health implications are hiding from many due to inadequate information.

As for the benefits of Chromolaena Odorata include:

1 It treat all kinds of injuries either torn wounds or scratch and blunt object crash

The liquid from the leaves are used to stop blood resulting from wounds and it is also used to heal wounds

2 Herb for Diabetes mellitus illness.

 Our forefathers boil the leaves and drink it daily to cure diabetes. All you need is sipping

3 It also use to treat Bilharzia all you need is sipping the brewed water

4 Use in the treatment of Stomach ache.

5 Effective pain reliever. The root can also be used to relieve pain such as waist pain. Boil and take daily half cup of the tea morning and evening and see how wonderful this herb is

6 Prevent cervical cancer . This goes to our ladies. All you need is drinking a cup of tea daily to improve your well being.